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The club forms part of a federation of pigeon clubs named 'Federation of Pigeon Racing Clubs' with its official head quarters at Old Railway Road, also in Hamrun, Malta. It has the duty of arranging pigeon races and organizing pigeon shows, whilst administering daily chores regarding these activities. The club's federation code number is determined according to the year the club was officially founded. As the club was the ninth club to open on the island our code is 09. At present there are 25 clubs of which two are in our sister island Gozo.

A committee govern the club that has his own statute and race regolaments to lead the way for the best of the club and his members.

The president is the leading person of the club who has the duty of leading committee meetings and also general meetings. He also has the role of seeing that all decisions taken during these meetings are effected and adhered to.

The General Secretary is the person who has to see that all the daily chores of the club are efficiently carried out. He is also the person responsible for keeping the minutes of all meetings, being committee ones or general meetings.

The Cashier is the person who sees that all the revenue generated from the club's activities is properly distributed and also saved. He is obliged to keep the clubs accounts in order and present a monthly statement in a committee meeting. When it is verified and approved it is signed by the other officials and then presented to the members in the club's notice board.

With these three officials there are other members in the committee that without their important work our club will not continue to operate well. This all shows that all the members in the committee are important.

Like most clubs the main body is made up of members whose lofts are geographically situated in a limited area comprising all Hamrun, Marsa, Pieta', Santa Venera and Guardamangia.

Presently the number of members amounts to 40. These are the people who race pigeons and participate in the activities organised by the club's committee. All members including those of the committee are obliged to pay a membership fee of 43 EUR annually together with any other fees in connection with the Federation fee, another fee which contributes to a so called Federation Fund and other administration fees connected to the weekly administration of races.

Meanwhile it is the duty of all members to help the committee during the year and respect the committee orders. All members have the right to sit for an election every year and be elected by the other members and serve on the committee for the coming season.

Out of the racing season our main activity is the presentation of the trophies and prizes to all our winners of the past racing season. We have also the annual general meeting for changes in the statute of the club and for the election of the new committee.

The committee would like to encourige all the viewers of our site to make use of all the companies that gives us their financial support to continue going day after day.

The committee would like to wish all his members and all our site visiters a very successful racing season.



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